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Rose Juliette Kennedy

                                      $15.00                                                                                  or                                                                                 receive                                              a personalized meditation/energy healing.

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"I always feel so relaxed and inspired after Rose's meditations".

please Enjoy this sample meditation.

breath of life

Breathing into the life force energy inside and all around you. 
Breath of LifeRose
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"Rose has a gift for designing the perfect setting for a beautiful guided meditation. Each meditation is different and unique. Her voice, intoxicating and mesmerizing, will take the listener on an almost magical journey to the desired destination."

The guided meditations take you on a journey home to yourself! They offer a sacred moment in time for healing and growth! 

Below are the guided meditation descriptions. Thank you for purchasing the one that speaks to you.
If you would like your very own personalized meditation please contact me at:                            
For any of the meditations below please let me know in the paypal message which meditation you are purchasing and the email address to send it.
In love and light - Rose 

celebrating everyday opulence! 

What if opulence is a huge part of who we are, regardless of financial status, gender, race, social background or age. Find your everyday opulence to celebrate.  21 minutes
"The meditations take me from high active energy, to a calm, quiet, peaceful energy. They allow me to follow a journey that leads me to create connections and healing. They bring a feeling of warmth and love. It is always a beautiful experience."
"I love these meditations.
They give me a space to breathe and connect with myself. They give me clarity on some issues I might be struggling with. Rose's voice is    soothing which allows for the meditation to take me to a place    where my creativity  pours forth."

HEART WISDOM    21 minutes

Bringing our heart's wisdom & gratitude into every fiber of our being.

strengthening  23 minutes

Supports strengthening all aspects
of one's self. The organs, energy field, relationships etc.

healing   24 minutes

Healing the ancestral wounds that have created physical, emotional or mental pain in the present.

letting go  24 minutes

A beautiful journey down the river of life. Releasing, purifying and cleansing that which no longer serves. Embracing our heart's desire.

before i die  25 minutes

We discover what our soul's desire is to express, experience before we die.
To know what we are here to accomplish.
"I have participated in Rose’s guided meditations for several months. I come away with a renewed feeling of connection to myself, a clearer, less cluttered sense of my way forward. 
She is truly gifted as a facilitator to bring people in alignment with their own  inner being through love."