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The early part of my life was spent in a Group Home in the heart of London. It is from there I derived my love of community. It is where, as I took my own journey home to love as an adult, that I realized that I was actually; “A happy little orphan.” Which is a far cry from the story I created in my mind growing up.

My mother left when I was six weeks old, I was abandoned into a group home until I was five. When my father did marry and take me to live with him, our relationship was hostile. So, as a young adult that is the story I focused on. All the negative aspects of my childhood and teenage years. I held many a pity party for myself.
Yet something shifted in my late twenties. I got sick of hearing the same old story coming out of my mouth. I got sick of living into the same scenarios, no matter how far away I moved.

I did move far, far away.
At the age of 24, an opportunity opened in California, and I took it.
Four years later my healing journey began as I lay on the floor one night shouting at the God I no longer believed in; that

“Something has to change!” “I am not getting up off the floor until something changes.” 

I had no idea in that moment, that that something was going to have to be ME. That was a humbling and incredibly significant moment.               Self-help groups, Mentors. The Healing Arts showed up in my life.     My life changed. I was willing to do what it took to create a different life. It is the hardest work I have ever had to do.

"The inner journey is the darkest place on Earth. Yet, it is also the most beautiful, vulnerable, trusting, heart-opening place to venture."

 It is what led me to my calling as an energy healer, becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher of Qi Gong. Allowing me to recognize that Love is at the core of who we are. That Love is a powerful force of nature, while also being soft, gentle and tender.

"Love is the light from within that shines its radiant beauty into the dark spaces within us." 

Bringing us to our knees, yet also picking us up from the broken places of our own suffering, until Only LOVE Remains.

"It is a journey from the inside-out."

Only Love Remains became my guide on the journey I knew I had to take with my father in his last year and a half of life. It is the most profound, healing, restorative, regenerative, loving journey I have ventured into.

 Which is why I am sharing it with you. As a guiding light for those of you who are ready to heal the broken places of your own suffering.  "That you may be free from the chains that bind, to feel free, alive, happy, peaceful, calm and whole."

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